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Bailey's Chinchilla's
10 good things about chinchillas
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10 good things about chinchillas

hey're great

10 Reasons Chinchillas Make Great Pets

* 1.They are adorable and gentle creatures.

* 2.They require little attention, but they appreciate attention when shown to them.

* 3.They keep themselves very clean. In fact, they have no oder.

* 4.Their fur is so thick that fleas and ticks can't live on them.

* 5.They are quiet.

* 6.They are easy to care for and can be left alone over a weekend.

* 7.Their food is very inexpensive (only about $1.20 per month).

* 8.They are nocturnal so they are ready to play when you get home from work.

* 9.Many people who are allergic to most animals are not allergic to Chinchillas.

* 10.They are smart, curious and extremely entertaining.


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